The local NBC affiliate here in northern Michigan recently aired a piece on Snoloha.

The morning of the taping I thought to myself perhaps I should shave. I decided against shaving, but I did pull the Snoloha beanie off my head shortly before because I thought it looked a little too thuggish. So with an unshaven face, beanie hat hair, a dirty Snoloha t-shirt and eyes that hadn’t quite had their fill of morning coffee, we taped the piece.

When I watched it the other night, my wife looked at me and said, and I quote, “honey you look like hell.”

She’s right. I look like I just got off of a boat or an island (minus the tan this time of year) or like I was on vacation…unshaven, sporting a t-shirt and not having a care in the world, a PERFECT representation of the brand!

So without further adieu…here’s the link to the article and to the video.




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