The juggling act continues…

First, thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the new Palm Tree Chair Lift and Escape designs that are on the way. These are the first two pieces that are slowly being introduced and will replace all the current T’s on the site.

Second, why the change? Simple…”soft”. The new materials we are using are a ring-spun, pre-laundered cotton. That means it’s an extremely soft t-shirt that has that already broken in feel. Or to ‘cliche it up’, it already feels like your favorite old t-shirt. We will be adjusting the price on the new gear. It’s simply more expensive to produce, which means a slight hike in retail price. However, still very much in line (if not a bit cheaper) than comparable pieces on the market. The new T’s will run $24.00. And believe me, when you experience this shirt you will understand. Yes, I said ‘experience’. That’s what it is. I actually have a feeling of relaxation and happiness when I put these on…yes, I may be weird, but my guess is so are you.

Third, though I’m hyping these new T’s, I don’t want to hurt the feeling of all the great T’s that are currently on the site. It’s bad enough I’ve already discounted them at $15.00 each. That conversation was fairly easy to have with them. But having to tell them they are being replaced after all they’ve done for me…well that was a bit harder. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just time for a change is all. I’ve assured them they will go to a good home. So please take advantage of the all the sale items.

Fourth, I’m working with potential rep(s) for the entire East Coast, from Maine all the way down to Georgia. We are putting sample packages together to get in the hands of potential retailers. If the feedback is what we are hoping for, well there could finally be an Atlantic Coast sales reps force. I’m super excited about this. Finding a good rep is a VERY difficult task. I really like this group and I think they really like Snoloha.

Fifth, the new website…well it’s somewhere out there. Things have been hectic outside of the site and it’s priority has slipped a bit. It’ll happen, it’s just taking longer than anticipated is all.

Sixth, an exciting change…no “focus”, yea that’s a better word. An exciting change in focus has been realized with the brand. But that deserves it’s own blog post…it’s in the batters box.

Stand by…


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