Most people familiar with Snoloha have probably at some point heard or read the story behind the brand, and know that a trip to the Virgin Islands, added to the late season snowfall in Michigan, plus a little 45th Parallel road sign, ended up being the original ingredients that lead to to this recipe of creating an escapism lifestyle brand.

Traverse City, located in northwestern Michigan, is the “intergalactic headquarters” of Snoloha. It’s an unbelievably gorgeous beach town located at the southern end of Grand Traverse Bay, which empties in to Lake Michigan. We experience and enjoy all the seasons Mother Nature has to offer. The laid-back, outdoor-oriented lifestyle along with vacation-going mentality of tourists that visit this area act as the perfect ongoing inspiration for Snoloha.

It’s no secret that this great state has had a rough ride lately. When I asked, “What does Snoloha mean to you?” one of the answers really hit home and I thought it was important to share for any of you Michiganders out there.

I am a Michigan boy born and raised by parrot heads who has had to leave the great state in search of work. I can tell you that Snoloha represents to me what made Michigan once great, the entrepeneur. I enjoy following your company and sporting the gear because it makes me think of home. People like you will carry the great state back to greatness out of this terrible economy, and hopefully indirectly bring my family back home in the process. Snoloha is more than a brand to me personally, it is a piece of Michigan that I can take with me wherever I land and people always ask where I got my hoodie and I tell them with tremendous pride that it is from a great company in Northern Michigan.

Again, as is the case with all those great responses, it’s extremely humbling and fulfilling to hear the connection this brand has with you. Thank you.

And if you want to share your answer to the question, “What does Snoloha mean to you?”…please do, here’s the contact link.



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