As we settle into and get comfy with 2010, I thought it was important to continue my “accountability” kick that I’m on this year.

When I first launched Snoloha, I did a great job at regularly promoting and choosing a monthly Snapshots & Scenery winner.

Quick reminder…Snapshots & Scenery is a fancy way to say Photo Contest, and each month the winner gets FREE gear by sharing their Snoloha photos. These photos may include Snoloha gear, of course…or they can simply be of the Snoloha lifestyle that you enjoy.

Last year I did a terrible job at keeping up with this contest. I focused so much of my energy on re-branding, new designs and new products for 2010 that I simply dropped the “Snapshots & Scenery” ball.

Not this year…So get your photos to me by the end of the month for a chance to win.

How do you get them to me? Simply email them to me or post them to the Snoloha Facebook page.

Here’s Rob sporting his Snoloha Campus Jeep Hat while enjoying a PBR in the parking lot of a ski hill.


This photo got me thinking about another shot Rob had sent in, so I went to the archives and found this one of him in his Snoloha gear while enjoying a beer and skiing in Big Sky. I think Rob has a problem…a skiing problem.



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