…and no, I’m not talking about the 80’s hit “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy.

I’m referring to that feeling that many of us know come Friday afternoon as the clock slowly makes its way to 5:00. I was there, in what seems to be a previous life…come 5:00 on Friday I felt like Fred Flintstone sliding down the tail of a Brontosaurus screaming “Yaba Dab Do”. But then, reality would set in sometime early Sunday evening, along with the anxiety, depression and pure hatred for a dreadful office environment surrounded by working zombies that I’m still not sure made much more noise than an occasional grunt.
Monday was horrible. I hated Mondays.

That’s certainly not the case any longer. In fact, I enjoy Monday…and every other day in the week. There is no going through the motions just to get to Friday and then feel alive for a day and a half.

This past Friday I found myself working until about 1:00 am on the Snoloha catalog, and then again Saturday morning. It was great. I didn’t mind for one second. Would I rather have been outside playing in the snow on my board or snowshoes? Eh…I can do that today (Monday) if I want. There is no 9 to 5, and that is the constant balancing act of growing and running a lifestyle brand. Yes, it’s a ton of fun to participate and enjoy the activities that inspire Snoloha, but those inspirations are just that…unless they are continually acted upon and realized into growing the business. And that requires a ton of behind the scenes hard work, including late night Fridays.

The point of this post? There’s not one, really. I’m not preaching starting your business because you’re unhappy with your current job…rather just sharing further insight into the life of growing Snoloha. That way, when I post pics snowboarding or sailing during the middle of the day…keep in mind those late Fridays. It’s not all fun and games.



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