Earlier this week I wrote about accountability. Ugh. Accountability. Nobody likes to be held accountable…do they?

This week my goal has been to put together the new Snoloha catalog. This catalog had already been finished a few months ago, but after the decision was made to redo all the branding…well, that also meant a new catalog look. It’s close. The guys and gals portions are pretty much done. Now I just need to finish Lil’ Ones and Accessories.

Next up…new product for the website! I can’t wait to unveil the new T’s, along with some of the cool new designs. In the meantime, remember that ALL current t-shirts for guys and gals are on sale for $15.00 in order to make room on the shelves for the new gear. Yes, sizes are limited so hurry while there is still some inventory left to choose from….I’m really, really tired of staring at some of it, and I’m convinced it’s staring back at me (but that might be a bigger, psychological problem).

Then…retailers. It’s time to open new retailers where Snoloha will complement their current product mix. In conjunction with the retailer push, I’m still on the search for sales reps looking to bring on a new brand…so if you know someone or are interested yourself, lemme know!

Okay. That’s it for now. I’m still experimenting with how this whole “accountability” concept via this blog is gonna work, so please bare with me (is that how you spell ‘bare’?).



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