I’m really starting to get excited about 2010. We’ve been working on (and continue to work on) big changes for Snoloha.

A new branding look is complete and is slowly starting to be worked into the marketing and the business. If you’ve received an email from me, you’ve seen the new signature; if you’ve visited the Snoloha Twitter page, you’ve seen the new background; if you’ve looked at the Snoloha Coffee, you’ve seen the new labels; and finally if you’re a Snoloha Facebook Fan, you’ve probably seen the new profile image.

Next up…a new website that will incorporate the new look, a new retail catalog is underway along with plenty of other various new marketing collateral (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, sell sheets, stickers, hang tags, etc, etc)

But…we are not stopping there. A majority of the Snoloha product is also being completely revamped. We will be using a new supplier that Screen Print Dave discovered in California, and we will finally introduce some of the great designs Joe has come up with (as well as carry forward many of the current favorites and best sellers).

So yes, 2010 will be full of changes. Change is good. I’m looking forward to it.

For now though, remember to take advantage of all the current t-shirts that are only $15.00. And remember, shipping is still free when you spend at least $30.00.



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