You know what’s really weird (for me) about peddling a product during the Christmas season? The ‘peddling’. It’s the business / retail norm that the day after Thanksgiving starts the holiday shopping madness. And when you combine that mindset with someone running and growing a small business / brand (that would be me) who despises shopping in crowds and following norms…it’s an interesting dynamic working it’s way through my head. Do what everybody else is doing and capitalize on consumers’ current frantic shopping mindset, versus keeping steady & true to your own values of growing a brand that people connect with and purchase as a reflection of who they are (or want to be).

Sounds idealistic, doesn’t it?! I agree.

My wife and I don’t stress out and go crazy buying Christmas gifts for one another. Instead, we go shopping together and buy toys for our local Toys for Tots donation. I mean really, what do we need to buy one another that we don’t already have?!

If you are considering buying a Snoloha product, GREAT! After all, this is a business and it needs sales to survive. And if Snoloha is that brand that you just GOTTA have (or someone you know HAS TO have, even better). However, if it’s just a Christmas gift that is being purchased because it’s Christmas and you have to find gifts…I’d encourage you instead to use that same money to buy a toy and donate it. It feels good.

Maybe it’s growing older (but not up) that changes how a person feels about the holidays and what’s truly important. Maybe it’s just the way my slightly demented mind works. Maybe it’s the simple fact that I DO NOT want Snoloha to end up following the rules of every other brand in the over-crowded ‘notice me, look at me’ marketplace.

My point here? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just killing time and you’re the victim (thanks Greg at for that line).

But really…of course buy Snoloha if it makes sense for Christmas. And if it doesn’t, buy a toy. Donate it.

There you have it…a look inside what goes on in my head. This is just a small taste as I don’t want to scare you away with all the gory details.

“Open up my head and let me out.” ~ Dave Matthews Band

Happy Shopping…



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