Every once in a while I go back and read older blog posts. It’s a great reminder, or snapshot, of what was happening at the time.

Currently, we are in the middle of BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS changes for the Snoloha brand. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic, but there are very exciting changes on the horizon. Change, I believe, is good. Being safe and stagnant is way too risky. However, with planned change comes that dreaded word that I still am not use to…’patience’. None of these changes can happen over night, and like most entrepreneurs once you have an idea in your head you want to act on it asap.

I decided to search for the word ‘patience’ in the blog search box over on the left and thought I’d share / recycle this post from May of 2007:

Those that have been with us since the beginning know that Snoloha.com launched in November of 2006. Our official retail launch was this past February at Boyne Country Sports in Novi, Michigan.

We are now at 16 retailers (possibly 17 anyday now) ranging from Novi, east to Grand Rapids, then north along the Lake Michigan coast to Petoskey. Our goal is to continue growth here in Michigan and beyond, including the Great Lakes basin, New England on down the Atlantic Coast, then we want to “head west young man” to Texas, Colorado, and of course California.

We are learning our “voice” and our place in the market. I am learning patience and how to find “moments of escape”, which usually consists of walks to the downtown coffee shop, or getting lost in the woods with the Customer Service Manager / Shipping & Recieving Supervisor, Bailey, which happens to be my Lab. She’s not very good at either of her jobs. I think it’s because she can’t speak in English and she lack opposable thumbs.

With the continued support of you, our customers and retailers, the road ahead looks promising, but far from smooth. I knew coming into this that starting a business would not be a smooth ride. It’s more like a “dangerous curves ahead” ride, with steep cliffs on either side, limited visibility, and no power steering. However, it is also very, very exciting, motivating, and fulfilling.

So a big “THANKS” to everyone for your feedback, your business, and for supporting the Snoloha lifestyle thus far!

Gotta go now, there are retail orders to fulfill and Bailey seems to think that laying in the sun and barking at pedestrians walking by is more important…I really need to have that performance review with her!



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