It’s that time of year. We are heading into winter. The sun is setting earlier. It’s cold. It’s wet.

It is the PERFECT time of year for a pair of Snoloha Lounge Pants. Throw ’em on first thing in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and at night while enjoying a cold beer.

Actually the hard part is putting something else on. In fact, these things are so comfy that I had to draft a far-from-legal statement/release that reads:

“Snoloha can not be held responsible for a lack of productivity or sudden urge to just “lounge” and relax while wearing these Lounge Pants. Further, Snoloha can only recommend each customer to occasionally wash said garment, though the thought of not wearing them for any period of time is hard to accept, the eventual smell of constant lounging without washing may become offensive.”

So here’s the deal…but a pair of Guys or Gals Lounge Pants and get a FREE Snoloha coffee mug or a Snoloha pint glass. But you have to shoot me a quick note after your purchase to let me know which type of beverage holding device you prefer, and it’ll be included with your order.




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