A while back I posted an inside look at the screen print operation owned and operated by Dave…I mean “Screen Print Dave.” One of the fun things during the screen print process is printing “one of a kinds” that are not available for sale.

On a recent fishing trip to the Bahamas, Screen Print Dave was sporting his (one of a kind) short sleeve “Goggles” design. The piece that is available for sale is a long sleeve version, but after seeing the short sleeve…well, I think we are gonna have to make an adjustment.

Since it’s fall and winter is on the horizon…it’s seems like a perfect time to offer the long sleeve Goggle design at a special price. So pick up one for yourself or as a gift for only $18.00…it’ll make you look as handsome and happy as Screen Print Dave.

And if you need to block your head from the sun (sorry Dave, that was too easy) notice in the second photo he’s sporting a Snoloha fitted hat and showing off a dolphin fish that he caught.



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