I’m looking at my analytics and noticing traffic still from that MSN article that ran a while back…which is pretty cool to see.

If you’ve not seen it before, and are in the mood for some light reading….here ya go.

My favorite part is the line:

“Inspired by Jimmy Buffett, the founder finds a niche selling the laid-back lifestyle.”

I haven’t read this article in a while. It felt really good to reread it. PR is a funny thing. As a business owner it’s exciting. And in my experience, the end result is coverage littered with inaccuracies and misquotes. However, Rich Sloan and the gang at StartupNation really did and excellent job with this article. It has definitely been the most accurate portrayal of Snoloha.

I have that article to thank for exposing the brand to Oliver in Spain, which lead to several months of back-and-forths to the eventual signing of a licensing agreement for Snoloha throughout the European Union (which we are making strides with, by the way).

Now…I need to get another one. Maybe a sit down with Matt Lauer…or Al Roker (yes, Al always makes me laugh)!



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