Earlier this summer I wondered what one word people thought of, when they thought of Snoloha. I still wonder this pretty much everyday. Now, I’m planning on turning this into a collection of t-shirts. I have A LOT of words and sayings in my head that I’d like to use, but I’d really like to get a feel for your thoughts as well.

So, here again is the question:

“When you think about Snoloha, what do you think about?”

Give me one word. One sentence. One paragraph. Whatever it takes.

Here’s all my contact info…minus the pager – http://www.snoloha.com/learn-more/contact.html (Twitter & Facebook links are on the right)

What’s in it for you? My undying appreciation and gratitude. Not enough, is it?

Well, if it makes it into the collection…you’ll get your own shirt and recognition. There might have to be some blah, blah, blah legal mumbo jumbo to agree to that would give me the right to use your words…but we can cross that bridge when/if we come to it.



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