I regularly receive emails from folks who enjoy learning and reading about Snoloha, and the story behind it. And most of the time they mention the thought of starting their own business, being their own boss and how reading this blog and my story helps inspire them. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. But it’s true. People are unhappy with their jobs (or they are losing them). So if Snoloha (and my story of starting the brand) helps in any way whatsoever to inspire another to act on their entrepreneurial dreams…I’ll take that any day. Conversely, if Snoloha helps them deal with life in that cubicle…I’ll take that as well. Escapism is a real thing (does that even make sense?)

Is it easy (entrepreneurship)? NO. Not at all.
Is it rewarding? Yep.

Here’s a good quote from Entrepreneur.com that I just read this morning:

In my 40 years of running businesses, I’ve found that the greatest comfort is often found in the middle of a vast herd of sheep, all moving in the same direction. They can all console themselves that their judgment was no worse than everyone else’s. However, the greatest opportunities and profits are found on paths least traveled–or where there was no path at all before you came along. Are you in business for comfort or for profit?



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