What a couple of weeks. It all started with a slice of pizza during lunch with my “web guy” (who still remains nameless and anonymous)…which eventually led to Happy Hour sailing last Friday to pick up where we left off. And now…

Things are getting exciting.

In a nutshell I realized as I’m planning the booth for Surf Expo, that it doesn’t reflect the website, which doesn’t reflect the catalog, which doesn’t reflect other marketing collateral. Basically, my marketing and branding is “way out of whack”…so now, we are gonna sync it. This means new design to the site, which will reflect the new marketing “look” that Joe the Designer is working on for me, which will be reflected in the catalog and the trade show booth.

Throw on top of this the new and improved gear that will be introduced…and I suddenly have this sense of excitement that I haven’t felt in a while. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the daily nuts and bolts of the business, so it feels really good to take a look at the bigger picture now and then. It’s that bigger picture and that long term destination that I have to keep my eye on. The vision and future for the brand extends way beyond clothing and where it’s at right now. It ought to be one hell of a ride getting there, and I’m looking forward to bringing you along.

As I started to post this, I was listening to a little Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews “I’m Alive” that seemed fitting…as is usually the case with music – that is, the timing is often just right:

“So damn easy to say that life’s so hard
Everybody’s got their share of battle scars
As for me I’d like to thank my lucky stars that
I’m alive, and well

It’d be easy to add up all the pain
And all the dreams you sat and watched go up in flames
Dwell on the wreckage as it smolders in the rain
But not me, I’m alive

And today you know that’s good enough for me
Breathin’ in and out’s a blessin’ can’t you see
Today’s the first day of the rest of my life
And I’m alive, and well
I’m alive, and well

Stars are dancin’ on the water here tonight
It’s good for the soul, when there’s not a soul in sight
But this boat has caught its wind and brought me back to life
Now I’m alive, and well”

And now…my hack job attempt at a little Photoshop. I’m not a designer, I just play one sometimes:snomountains.jpg



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