Just finished reading this article from BusinessWeek.com, “Gary Vaynerchuk’s Startup Advice

In it, he talks about passion and hard-work.

It all goes back to how hard, not only starting and running a business is, but also the juggling act of running a “lifestyle” business like Snoloha. Jimmy Buffett does it best. Behind the scenes he works his tail off, which is how he was able to grow his “Margaritaville” empire, and it’s what he continues to do. However, he still has to put on the concerts, the image and partake in the lifestyle himself. I suppose it’s easier once you’ve reached his level of success…but you don’t get there by just living the lifestyle ALL the time.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that they enjoy being their own boss, not for the money or the goal of becoming rich…rather the freedom, personal satisfaction and lifestyle it allows.

Paula Davis of Canyon Creek Soap Co said it best, “Too many people choose money over lifestyle in our society.”

It’s why I started Snoloha…passion and lifestyle. It’s why I live where I live…lifestyle. It’s why so many folks connect to the brand as well. It truly is a lifestyle and a sense of escapism that people need and want.

I have a website meeting later today. It’s going to be held while we’re out sailing. That’s what I call juggling work and the lifestyle.

So if you want to setup a meeting…let’s go sailing, it sure beats a conference room.



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