This is great. Zach posted a photo on the Snoloha Facebook page of his dog, Gator, sporting a Snoloha hoodie.

The same day I received a photo from Nick. He was working at the Short’s Brewing tent during a recent beer fest when he saw one of the patrons sporting a Snoloha hoodie in the rain. It just so happens that person was Zach, wearing the same hoodie as his dog, Gator.

Small world.

Zach definitely seems to be happier in his hoodie. As I said, it’s a proven fact (not really, but I like to think it is) that there is a direct correlation between how often you wear a Snoloha hoodie and your level of happiness (the more you wear it, the happier you are). And if you’re at a beer fest, I reckon the number of drinks you have may have something to do with it as well.





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