Labor Day Weekend is in the rearview. Everyone sounds all bummed out that “summer is over”. Summer’s not over. Maybe summer break is over, but the last I checked they don’t hang a CLOSED sign on the water or the beach. You don’t suddenly lose the ability to leave your house while the sun is still shining just because it’s September.

September might be one of the best months to enjoy the outdoors. I know that’s what we’ll be doing. Sailing, hiking, paddle boarding, and cook outs…hmmm, sounds kinda like summer still.

It’s all a state of mind. Doesn’t matter what the calendar or Mother Nature says, if you want to escape…escape. Build a tiki bar in the garage or the basement, talk snowboarding while soaking up the sun on the beach, talk about that trip to the Caribbean while riding up the chairlift with friends this winter.

I know a place I’ll be thinking about and talking about for quite some time…the Manitou Islands (North & South), located in northern Lake Michigan, about 12 miles from the resort town of Leland, on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula.

We dropped Capt Dave’s (from Bay Breeze Yacht Charters) center console power boat in the Leland Marina and set off for a day of exploring yesterday. The winds were calm, the lake was glass and the islands…well, let’s just say you have to visit to believe how beautiful it is. People would not believe it’s Lake Michigan. We were all a bit speechless with the surroundings and the day. It was like being in the Caribbean, without the salt water. Another reminder of why we call this area home. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Remote and quiet.



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