This is from my good buddy Seattle Dave, and I thought I needed to share.

“A couple of days ago I went to the post office. I hate going to the post office, even a short line is long! I always feel a bit violated by how long it takes to mail something. I am rarely pleased when I leave the post office. This day was no exception.

As I climbed into my truck shaking my head about how much time was wasted, I looked to my left and saw a lady crying in her car. While I was a bit annoyed by my visit, I certainly wasn’t about to cry! As I cautiously spied on this poor woman, I saw that she was indeed crying. I saw the tears rolling down her cheeks as she was laughing her head off!! She was bawling hysterically. She was quaking and convulsing with laughter.

It was great.

Whatever was in her letter was magic. I started laughing myself as I drove away. This moment was a day-changer. I felt a closeness and true love for this crazy lady. Her joy was contagious and I have never left the post office feeling better.

This moment struck me as significant in that it highlighted the possibility of joy in any moment. Happy, funny, strange, moments that bring a smile to your face ARE day-changers.

The beauty in this is that: you can think them any time you choose!! You CAN manifest joy by simply thinking joyful things. This is awesome!! Do this!! Find a couple of your best, bad moments and smile a bit. You will certainly change your day and it is very likely that you will change others as well!! Have fun, be kind, appreciate, smile, laugh and smile more. Enjoy all of it. -Dave”


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