That’s right, I’ve actually had a handful of “Sno” thoughts the past couple of weeks. That’s the beauty of Snoloha and the lifestyle it represents. It’s enjoying and appreciating all the seasons that Mother Nature throws at us. And it’s enjoying the associated activities with each passing season, while looking forward to what the next season will bring.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is such a great way to enjoy the water. And I find myself, while out there, actually thinking about snowboarding this winter. Crazy?! Perhaps. I think it has more to do with the parallels of the two activities…escaping by yourself with your board. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It therapeutic.

The same thing happened this morning after purchasing some Burton gear. I couldn’t help but think about the winter. In fact as I type this, I have three snowboards leaning on the wall next to me. Yet later this afternoon I’ll probably throw the SUP board on the Jeep and head down to the beach.

This is a good example and great reminder to myself of how the Sholoha brand was born and what is stands for. I’m a little spoiled because Traverse City is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to call home. So it’s easy to take advantage of the lifestyle. For others, it’s not as convenient…but that’s where Snoloha helps people “escape” to that place they’d rather be…they’re “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”.

If reality isn’t allowing you the Snoloha lifestyle at the moment…turn to escapism! It’s Okay to Escape. Go ahead. Close your eyes. Throw on a Snoloha t-shirt. Fill up a Snoloha coffe mug. Think about your favorite place “somewhere between the islands and the arctic.” That place where there are no worries, where you can relax, where you feel energized, where you smile and simply enjoy life.

Go ahead. Escape.



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