I’m not a big collared-shirt person. Wearing a shirt with a collar makes everything feel so formal (unless it’s a Hawaiian shirt, then collars are fine). However, every once in a while you need to leave the t-shirt on the floor fellas, and throw on a shirt with a collar (other than that Hawaiian shirt that your wife hates…bummer, I know). No worries. You can still sport your Snoloha gear with a SnoFlake Palm Tree polo.

In fact, these things are so comfy that I even wore one to a lakeside tiki bar recently for a burger and a beer. I believe I had tried it on after picking ’em up from the embroiderer and forgot I was wearing it. Normally after wearing a polo shirt, I can’t wait to tear it off and throw on an old trusty t-shirt.

But sometimes you just have to wear something other than a t-shirt. Whether it’s to the office, on the course, on the town or if you just prefer a comfy collared shirt…these SnoFlake Palm Polos are perfect. And yes, I know there are people who look forward to relaxing in a polo shirt because they are restricted to suits and more dressy attire all day, so an untucked polo shirt with a wrinkle or two is relaxing. Perfect!

Have a look. Go untucked. Relax.




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