In case you’re wondering, or interested, here’s a little behind the scenes update in the world of Snoloha:

  • The new website seems to be running pretty good. No major hiccups or complaints…yet.
  • Working on offering PayPal.
  • Working on integrating additional shipping options.
  • Working on international shipping. I know there’s folks in Canada waiting for this.
  • New products should be in soon.
  • Will be stocking up on more inventory on some of the more popular products.
  • International info to be added to the site as distribution plans in Europe continue to move forward.
  • Need to offer one of these great new designs that Joe has conjured up.
  • Baby stuff! I need to order more baby stuff!
  • So there’s a partial “To Do” list. Hmmm, makes it hard to do nothing when there’s so much to do.



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