You know that roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship that I always talk about? It’s filled with ups…and downs. When your up, man is it fun. When you’re down…let’s just say it gets a bit stressful.

Those that have been following know that we ran into some serious technical issues just over a week ago. The shopping cart pretty much blew up on us and started smoking with alarms going off and people running around in a state of shock, panic and confusion. Okay, so it basically became extremely slow, experienced some server and scaling issues and I yelled out some curse words at which point the dogs looked at me a bit funny. So, we took it down and have been working on launching a brand new store.

Well….as with most things, it’s taken more time than we had planned. This should come as no surprise, but as an impatient entrepreneur, it still does. I mean, to build a new shopping cart is an extremely large project. It originally took months to do and we wanted to do the same amount of work in a week or so. That hasn’t happened. But, we are making progress and this thing will be launching soon. It has to…or else I’m going to pull out all my hair, jump in the dinghy and go as far as I can on a single tank of gas and throw my iPhone and laptop in the Bay. Okay. so I won’t pull out my hair.

Thanks for the continued support and the great emails. Also, please feel free to send me more photos or post them on the Snoloha Facebook page. It helps my stress level go down.

After reading this back…it sounds like I need a bit of my own Snoloha escapism medicine! Luckily….it’s my anniversary weekend, so the wife and I are going to do some dinghy cruising around the bay, hit some beachside tiki bars, soak up the sun, enjoy having “nowhere to go and nowhere to be” and end the weekend sailing on the Nauti-Cat (where we were married one year ago).

I need it.



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