Time to throw your feet up on that desk, sit back, close your eyes and listen to a little Trop Rock music courtesy of Jimmy Pirate at The TropiCast Radio Network.

In this episode Jimmy plays one of my absolute favorites, “Hollow Man” by The Boat Drunks.

Check out the playlist:

Hula Girl (Dancing on My Dash) / The Bonedaddys / Waterslide
Hollow Man / The Boat Drunks / Thongs 3
California Sunshine / Bob Karwin / Have Sun, Will Travel
The Best Years / Bryan Gorsira / The Best Years
Bimini / Captain Josh / If I Had a Hammock
Barefoot on The Beach / Dennis Davis / Angels in Tropical Shirts
Beaches are Empty / Gary Seiler / Living on Dreams
Misirlou / Dick Dale

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