For those of you following me and Snoloha on Twitter or are a Facebook Fan or Friend, you probably were aware of the TV opportunity that came up and that I ultimately decided against. And for those that are hearing this for the first time…there was a TV opportunity that came up and I declined.

It was with one of the three major networks, so yes the exposure could have been huge. I was approached by a producer working on the show after researching online and reading about Snoloha. He digs the brand, and thought I would be a good fit for the show. That in itself is flattering. We had a good phone call and a few email exchanges. And in fact, I would be a good fit…if I wanted to grow this company in that manner.

Ultimately, after carefully reviewing the application packet, watching clips of the show and really contemplating my long term goals with Snoloha, the format of this particular show just didn’t fit or feel right.

I know some people think I’m crazy for passing up an opportunity for major network TV exposure…but again, the format didn’t fit or feel right. I’m not willing to sacrifice a sudden ‘shot in the arm’ in order to maintain the integrity of the Snoloha brand. I didn’t start this company to ‘get rich quick’. And I certainly am not willing to ‘let it ride’ on a reality style show. Now, if it were a different format, then maybe this would be a different kind of post. But for now, it is what it is.

Maybe I will kick myself when it airs this fall. But I can’t second guess these decisions.

“Yesterday’s over my shoulder
So I can’t look back for too long
There’s just too much to see
Waiting in front of me
And I know that I just can’t go wrong”

Jimmy Buffett, “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”

So for now, I’ll let the thoughts of Hollywood slowly fade and get back to staying focused on building this brand through new products, promotions, partnerships and a growing customer / fan base.

Thanks for the continued support. It is much appreciated.



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