When asked what it’s like to start and run your own business…I often answer, “it’s like a roller coaster ride.” Up and down, up and down. Luckily, it’s the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on. Yes, there are dips and days when you’re scared, nervous, stressed and maybe even second guess. But the ‘ups’ make it all worth it.

It’s also a juggling act. There is a lot to do. And it’s hard. But if it were easy, everybody would be doing it…right?!

So how do you stay focused during this roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship?
Mike Michalowicz, author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” has compiled a list of 63 Ways To Stay Focused…check mine out at number 47.

You should also check out Mike’s book…it’s worth the read and the $24.95 (Click on the photo).

Tell ’em Rod sent you and he’ll even sign it for you. Oh wait, he already does that when you use the code SIGNIT. Well, he’ll at least maybe think to himself….”Rod…isn’t that that Snoloha dude?



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