Actually, this weekend is more like “3 or 4 days.”

Memorial Day Weekend. The official kickoff to summer. Vehicles packed like sardines on the highways. Luggage racks, boat trailers and full tanks of gas.

Get out of town. Forget about life for a few days. Then feel bummed when it’s over.

Holiday weekends are great. But it’s unfortunate that so many people only take the opportunity to “escape from the realities of everyday life” when these long weekends roll around…like everything else, gotta keep that schedule.

Don’t get me wrong…taking care of business, your family, bills and planning for the future is important. BUT, as the great Lennon quote goes, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” We get too caught up with the small things and the headlines on CNN. What about that backyard calling your name? The grill that hasn’t been fired up yet, or is only reserved for the weekends (which is CRAZY)? The dog that needs it’s belly rubbed or the cold one in the fridge? A walk in the woods or on the beach?

It doesn’t have to be “away for a weekend.” It can be on a Tuesday after work.

Why try to cram it all in in a couple of days? Doesn’t make sense.

‘Steel band in the distance
And their music floats across the bay
While American women in moomoos
Talk about all the things they did today
And their husbands quack about fishing
As they slug those rum drinks down
Discussing who caught what and who sat on his butt
But it’s the only show in town.

They’re tryin’ to drink all the punches
They all may lose their lunches
Tryin’ to cram lost years into five or six days
Seems that blind ambition erased their intuition

Plowin’ straight ahead come what may.”

“Cowboy in the Jungle”, Jimmy Buffett



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