Ever have those Sunday evening blues? I use to get ’em too…time for Monday and another dreaded work week at a job that you don’t particularly care for.

Snoloha has changed all that for me. In fact the weekends and the week days don’t have that same definitive line between them. Sunday evenings are no longer dreaded. I know I won’t be dragging myself out of bed to go to an office job that could be the cause of a homicide. Okay, maybe that’s a bit over the top, but you know what I mean.

The great thing about the Snoloha brand is that not only has it made me a happier person, but it’s continuing to grow as an escapism outlet for others as well. I know this because people tell me, and hearing that makes me even more motivated.

So yesterday, the day before Monday, there was no thoughts of what Monday would bring. The wife and I walked down to the marina, had a couple Landshark Lagers and fish tacos at Scott’s Harbor Grill, and then walked the beach for the first time this year. A few hours later I hopped aboard “Draggin’ Balls” (that’s Brian’s boat…oh wait, I’m suppose to call him Capt Brian) and we headed to the east shoreline of West Grand Traverse Bay and landed 5 Lake Trout while the sun slowly glided across the water…oh, and we enjoyed a couple of cold Coronas.

It was a good Sunday. It was a really good Sunday. And “Come Monday it’ll be all right”. Maybe this week Capt Dave will need a hand delivering a sailboat.

Yes, these are the reasons behind launching Snoloha…to live and promote a lifestyle, and to create an escapism outlet for others, because escapism is a good thing now and then. But today I’m stuck doing office work, design and product planning and being interviewed by a local news station about Snoloha. So I’ll have to rely on the brand helping me escape today when I need it, and I hope that it helps you escape as well.

it just occurred to me that Brian is also the store manager of the Traverse City Boyne Country Sports, which is a Snoloha retailer…so the gas and Coronas are a bidness write off, aren’t they?! Hmmmm…

As always, thanks for the continued support.




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