I’m still running the 20% off all Snoloha Lil’ Ones gear sale. Sizes are getting limited, but don’t worry I’ll be ordering more soon…it just won’t be on sale!

And if you do decide to buy something for a Lil’ One…send in a pic and you might just get more gear!

All SnoBaby, SnoTot and SnoKid’s gear is 20% off!

Ever wish you were a Lil’ One again? Me too. Especially in the summer. Here’s a little Buffett from the Barometer Soup album for you to enjoy. Just replace “Jimmy” with your name and it just might bring a childhood smile to your face.

Jimmy dreams
He’s a child to the end
What a joy
When you are your best friend
The world’s such a toy
If you just stay a boy
You just spin it again and again
Jimmy flies
With no use for disguise
Just escapes
Using mirrors and capes
And the words do the trick
There is no bigger kick
Than just rhyming again and again
~Jimmy Buffett, “Jimmy Dreams”




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