I love when photos are sent in. Like I’ve said before, it’s the connection to this brand that all of you have that I appreciate most, and it’s what keeps me motivated to grow this company, introduce new designs, unveil new products and promote this lifestyle.

These photos are pretty sweet. Jensen and Nick just returned from a great week of snowboarding @ Vail, Beaver Creek and out in the middle of nowhere. They took snowmobiles up the mountain and went snowboarding with avalanche beacons and the works.

Check out the Snolohs sticker on Nick’s board!

Thanks Jens, for the great shots. And your timing is perfect. A March Snapshots & Scenery winner was needed…and you’re it. You’ve got free Snoloha gear coming your way.

Keep those photos coming for a chance to win free Snoloha gear each month. Check out some of the previous winners here.

There are 3 ways to win:



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