I can’t take it anymore. 24/7 news media is driving me crazy. The sky must really be falling. There seems to be nothing good to report on. And beating a dead horse seems to be the only approach left.

Times like these are difficult, yes. There are pundits, experts, doctors and counselors who will have all kinds of advice for how to deal with this financial and economic mess we’re in. I’m not any of these, but here’s my advice (based on absolutely nothing more than my own opinion)…throw on some Jimmy Buffett or The Boat Drunks. Wow! How’s that for earth-shattering advice? Okay, I’ll take it one step further. Don’t just throw it in and expect to feel better, but actually read and listen to the lyrics.

For me, it’s a huge help. For you, maybe it’s not Buffett or The Boat Drunks. So let’s at least agree on MUSIC. Throw some in…and listen.

Here’s a little Boat Drunks:

“You’re such a silly man everything you try to plan, plan, plan
Just sit back for awhile take some time to smile some things you weren’t meant to understand
Forget your self control too much sanity just takes its toll
Let the carnival begin cast your fears into the wind
Wind it up and let it go!

Paralysis by analysis is a modern man’s disease it can rob you of your life and steal you blind
We never really know how many choices that we lose when we take too long in making up our mind
That big old mynah bird he never worries ’bout a thing he just sits up in his tree all day and sings
When dwelling on the future it is good to bear in mind
Life’s what happens while you’re planning for other things

Life is a series of random events
And you know any course can go wrong
We spend all our lives seeking out happiness
Before we find it was there all along “

Worth repeating: “We spend all our lives seeking out happiness, Before we find it was there all along.”


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