You may have noticed that things around the online world seemed a bit quiet yesterday. Perhaps spending the day snowboarding and skiing and Boyne Highlands had something to do with it. As we took a mid-day break in the parking lot to grill burgers and dogs, have a cold PBR and listen to some Jimmy Buffett, I had that quiet reminder to myself of why I launched this brand and this business, and what it really stands for…lifestyle.

I’ve said it before, and here it goes again…even I need those reminders now and then. A day away from the computer, the home office, the phone and daily distractions, in exchange for fun on the slopes and hanging with friends, “celebrating and enjoying all the seasons that get thrown at us somewhere between the islands and the arctic.”

Now, back to work. Luckily, work involves promoting a lifestyle…so it’s not too bad.




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