Yep. I am stuck in the office today. Luckily, it’s a home office and I’m sportin’ a pair of Snoloha Lounge Pants and a “coming soon” track jacket that is a very nice complement to the pants, sipping on a hot cup of coffee and listening to Howard Stern on Sirius. No cubicle, so I’m not thinking about putting a bullet in my head. However, I am forced inside today working on itemizing receipts and preparing for tax day on Wednesday. Okay, where’s that bullet. I hate these “office days”, but they are a necessary evil.

In a prior life, I had a real full time office job. In order to “escape”, I’d simply have a look at a framed picture on my desk of Maho Bay (St. John, USVI), and I’d go there for a few minutes…then back to reality.

I can still do that, but I find myself enjoying a wider array of “Office Day Dreaming” destinations. We’ve been kicking an idea around that involves sailing of the coast of Venezuela that consists of islands with names like “Los Roques, Isla Las Aves, La Orchila, La Tortuga and Los Frailes “, so that keeps my mind busy. But there are so many destinations to explore in the world, and with a little imagination and thanks to Google Earth, you can escape there…“somewhere between the islands and the arctic”.

So where is your “somewhere”? Where’s a good place to imagine and escape during office days? It’s single digits here in northern Michigan today, and though I love winter I’m really needing a dose of somewhere warm.

Where? Lemme know, and feel free to share on the Snoloha Community, Facebook or Twitter.

(Maho Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands)



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