“I hate winter.” “I hate snow.” “I hate the cold.”

Okay, the cold one I can understand sometimes, especially when it’s below zero and single digits, but for the most part winter is an amazing season. It’s like with anything else in life…it’s what you make of it. I still can’t understand why people prefer to complain about winter, rather than enjoy it and make the most of it. Complaining, of course, is easy. Taking action, on the other hand, is not as easy…but MUCH more rewarding.

What’s the point of this rambling? I’m not sure yet. I have a feeling this post is going to be part one of two as I try and listen to Howard Stern on Sirius while making sense of the thoughts in my head and type at the same time…I’m beginning to see where this is heading.

I realized yesterday that a late winter Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for kickin’ back in these new Snoloha lounge pants. What made it so ideal was the weekend as a whole. Saturday morning I loaded the snowboard into the Jeep, picked up a buddy, grabbed a hot coffee and a six pack of Little Debbie chocolate donuts, and headed north to Boyne Mountain. To say we had good day would be an understatement. It snowed all day. We explored one end of the resort to the other, took a break for a cold beer at the Snowflake Lounge and rode until the lights came on. Fun. Yes.

Sunday was snowshoe day. Me, my wife, and Bailey the Dog enjoyed a long shoe through a local hiking area. The snow was pretty much untouched when we arrived, the landscape simply blanketed with freshly fallen snow, and the sun even managing to shine for a good portion of the day. By the time we got home, it was lounge pants time. Tired. Yes.

So to hear the constant complaints about winter is sometimes difficult to accept. Come March, yes even I will be ready for warmer weather, but until then I enjoy taking advantage of all that Mother Nature throws at us. Of course this is the core concept behind the Snoloha brand and living that lifestyle is important, especially for me, in order to be continuously reminded and inspired of all the reasons I originally thought of, eventually launched, and continue to grow this company.

So that’s part one. Part two…the decision of the retail location (links to earlier post)…stand by, I’m working on it.



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