You’ve heard me say this before…starting and running a small business is hard work. There are days when you think “what the hell am I doing?” And others where you can’t imagine doing anything else.

One of the constant motivators for me has always been hearing about the connection to the brand from customers. I received this email just the other day:

My Girlfriend and I were just in Traverse City for the day…and we stopped into Boyne Country Sports. We saw the Snoloha display right at the front door. Immediately we knew this brand was “us.” We are both into snowboarding and skimboarding. We Travel often, back and forth from Florida & California, to Michigan. I really think this brand has the potential to be huge, nationwide. It represents the lifestyle of so many of us who live in seasonal climates. One of our good friends live in Hawaii, I cant wait to share with what we’ve found.

Keep up the good work

That is what keeps me going.



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