A nice few days for Snoloha in the media. First the TPE plug (see blog post below), and now some love on the TropiCast Radio Show.

JiimmyPirate posted the latest episode over the weekend, “Episode #41: It’s 20 below...”. When you visit the TropiCast site, the media player is on the right, just below Jim’s photo. Or, I’ve conveniently embedded it below as well.

There are some great tunes in this episode, including “Pacing The Cage” by The Calypsonuts, “Lucky Enough” by Scott Kirby and “Tropical Breeze” by Pirate Dreams.

Since I’ve launched Snoloha, I’ve done a handful of radio and TV interviews. And each time one comes around, I think back to one of the communications courses I took back in college. It was Sophomore year and we were learning on-camera skills and basic radio practices. My head was never in the class. I was more concerned about hitting the basketball court or if it was college night at the local watering hole. I do remember the instructor had a consistent critique of my communication skils…SLOW DOWN! I was talking too fast.

So now, I think back to what little I remember from that class and I try to slow down. Now, in this particular interview, I sound like I’m in slow motion. I sound like an old burn-out trying to piece together parts of his life…and I’m not old or a burn-out. So yea, my interview skills need work. Other than slowing down, I don’t remember any other feedback…probably should have paid more attention those days. Either way, there’s some great tunes worth listening to.



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