When I posted this question on Twitter and Facebook the other day, “Time for a new Snoloha promo…got any ideas?”, I wasn’t sure what kind of response I’d get. I should have, however, expected some of the wise cracks. Joe the Designer, seems to think he’s a funny guy.

Here is a partial list of his ideas:
“SnoLoha Snuggie?
SnoLoha MightyPutty?
SnoLoha Iron Gym Pull Up Bar?
SnoLoha PediPaws?
SnoLoha Mighty Mendit?”

I think I’m leaning toward the PediPaws. Though the Snuggie is the coolest invention ever, it would compete with the lounge pants that I’m launching.

But onto the real promo….So here’s the deal: Buy any regular priced T-Shirt (short sleeve or long), Hoodie or Lil’ Ones, and you will get a FREE Snoloha piece of clothing with your order. And, it’ll be a surprise! I’ll send you (the same size unless you let me know otherwise in the comments field during checkout) one of the 50% products that I’m getting really tired of looking at. There’s a selection of t’s, long sleeves and hoodies that I’ll be pulling from.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!



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