No posts for a few days now. I’d like to say it’s because it’s too damn cold to type, but that’s not the real reason.

Actually, it’s been a busy few days for Snoloha.

I had an interview with JimmyPirate from TropiCast that will air in the latest episode to go live this weekend.
So be sure to give it a listen to hear some great Trop Rock music and my goofy voice for a few minutes.
We also discussed something that is really cool for the Snoloha brand, but for now it has to remain “in the vault”,
as they’d say on Seinfeld.

You might notice the website looks a bit different, especially if you visit the homepage. That’s because we widened it!
We also added the “Feeling Social” box on the bottom along with the social logos in the main navigation bar.
There’s still some updates that need to be done, including an image fader on the homepage, sidebar edits in this blog (so the body is not too wide), and new photos coming soon.

Also, we are putting together The Snoloha Winter Luau at Scott’s Harbor Grill in conjunction with Grand Traverse Yacht Club
and Bay Breeze Yacht Charters & Sailing School. This should be a fun event. Nothing like wearing Hawaiian shirts and flip
flops while listening to a 4-piece steel drum band in the middle of winter.

The votes have been coming in, and flip flops now have a narrow lead over lounge pants (vote below). I’ll probably let this
run for just a couple more days and then make the decision as to what product is next on the horizon for Snoloha.

Lastly, there are a handful of fleeces left at 38.5% off. So grab ’em while it’s cold! And, the “buy one hoodie at regular price and get a free Snoloha beanie ” promo is still active. Just visit the store and you’ll see the links just below the Snoloha Login.



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