And they keep you warm!

They say (not sure who "they" are…pundits, experts, the voices in my head) that consumer spending will help turn around our sluggish economy.  Okay.  So in order to do my part in helping stimulate this economy, here’s the latest Snoloha Promo:

Buy any regular priced hoodie (Men or Women) and get a FREE Snoloha beanie.  You’ll have to trust me to send a good color.  Just think, once you own your very own hoodie, you can visit Montana just like Johnny and Rob pictured below!  Then send in photos to win more gear.  Are you seeing how this viscious circle works?

Also, since it’s January and COLD in the northern latitudes, I need to get rid of what’s left in these Snoloha Fleeces (Men or Women).  They sold quite well in December and all that’s left in men’s size are XL & XXL.  All that’s left in women’s is Large!  But if these sizes work, buy now at 38.5% off!

This promo is good until the 7:30 pm Seinfeld episode ends on TBS January 22nd (which means 8:00 pm EST).  That’s 2 weeks…but inventory is limited!
As alway, thanks for the continued support!  And remember to spread the Snoloha love.

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