Funny how things sometimes just come to you. With the New Year upon us and all those resolutions just waiting to fall to the wayside, I was trying to think of a clever blog post. I found myself staring at this PowerBook screen wondering what to type. I continued to stare. The iTunes library is on shuffle and a Jim Hoehn tune came on that fit the bill.

Regardless of what happens with those resolutions, this message is fitting everyday, all year long.

“Live For The Moment”, from the Playa del Pressbox album.

“He’d spent a couple of fortunes on wine, women and song
The rest he guessed he’d wasted on get-rich schemes gone wrong
He never found a single gold doubloon, but that didn’t lessen the wealth
‘Cause the search for treasure was more then the measure, of the danged ol’ treasure itself

He said, keep one eye and one eye only on the future
One eye and and one eye only on the past,
Split the difference and live for the moment
Because you never know which day will be your last”



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