I’m not turning my computer on this Turkey Day. We are going to load up the wood stove, watch football, “Christmas Vacation”, another movie or two, eat, drink, eat more, drink more…and be merry.

I can’t wait.

I revisited my post from last year’s Turkey Day, and again thought it was appropriate for something a bit more intimate.

It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride since I launched this brand nearly 2 years ago. There have been some great strides made, along with a share of set backs. Taking an idea that I had while commuting to work one morning and turning it into a viable business and brand is by far the hardest thing I have ever attempted. There is nothing easy about it, and rarely do things go as planned. However, the reward at the end of the day, and the beginning of the next, is something that is hard to explain. I never felt that while working a “normal job”. I also never felt the connection with customers as I do now. Or the passion and drive. But I also have realized how grateful I am for every person that makes a purchase, tells someone they know about it, sends in their photos, shares their stories, and extends their support.

Thank you.

I wanted to also share two quick YouTube clips. The first is a classic. It’s the original version of Adam Sandler singing The Thanksgiving Song on SNL. I can never get enough of this.

The second, well it’ll tug on your heart strings. And I apologize if you shed a tear. But the message is so powerful and the little boy is so inspiring that it’s just too damn important heading into the Holiday season not to share. It’ll put things into perspective. What’s truly important.

So here we go, two of the most important things that we need to be reminded of (especially with the doom and gloom 24/7 news media world we live in) – Laughter and Life.

Enjoy, and Happy Turkey Day.



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