It’s that time of year in the northern latitudes. People begin grumbling about winter, the cold, the snow and escaping to the tropics. Well, as a big of fan as I am for escapism and the islands (and yes, March is a great time to migrate south for some much needed sun and sand), but until then, the winter season is just as much about escapism as summer.

After all, the whole concept of Snoloha is enjoying ALL the seasons that get thrown at us (not just summer and the islands).

I don’t know about you, but sipping on a hot cup of coffee and watching the snowfall is a pretty damn good feeling. Strapping on the snowshoes and getting lost in the quiet woods with the dogs is not a bad way to get away from the daily grind. That anxiousness and excitement as you head up the first chairlift ride of the year. A cold beer in the ski lodge after a long day on the slopes. The first snowball you throw. Building a snowman or a snow angel and instantly being transported to your childhood.

I could go on and on. Winter is beautiful. It’s what you make of it. You can choose to grumble and hibernate. Or, you can fully take advantage of what Mother Nature throws at us.

There are plenty of great brands out there that do a marvelous job promoting a tropical lifestyle. But again, Snoloha is not just tropical. It encompasses life somewhere between the islands and the arctic.

I say bring on the snow. I’m looking forward to getting lost in it.



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