I’ve been working on an online Snoloha Community. The goal here is to connect Snoloha customers, fans and like minded folks that enjoy life somewhere between the islands and arctic.

So go ahead and create a profile. Share your photos. Upload your favorite songs. Start blogging. Start a discussion. Make new friends.

Whatever you feel reflects and represents your “somewhere”…whether that’s a ski hill or a beach, a boat or hiking trail, a favorite song or a favorite quote, anything that helps you escape from the grind of, and carry a vacation mentality through, everyday life.

This brand belongs to all of you that have a connection to it. As it continues to grow, the product will diversify outside of clothing. In fact, there will be a new product on the site yet this week that is not a piece of clothing, but definitely reflects the lifestyle.

As the Community grows, it will allow all of us to exchange and share ideas and thoughts on what’s best for the brand. The feedback and the participation is important to Snoloha’s evolution.

Thanks for all the support.



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