I know. Everyone is consumed with the Presidential election and the “he-said, she said, they spent how much on clothing”, campaign that is going on. I, for one, feel fortunate that we have Saturday Night Live to make light of all this.

Another campaign that you can participate in that doesn’t get the 24/7 news coverage is Snoloha for Most Slacker-Friendly business.

Voting goes through the end of October. And you are allowed to vote once per day. Much like they do in a Presidential election…oh wait, I think that was an SNL skit, or was it?

That’s about as political as you’ll hear from the Snoloha camp. Snoloha believes in “Escapism”. And in today’s world, that’s not a bad thing. Turn off the news, forget about the economy, the campaign and all the other bummer headlines…even if it’s just for one day. Go outside. Rake leaves. Go for a hike. Take a bike ride. Carve a pumpkin. Wrestle with the kids. Brew a hot pot of coffee. Have a beer (or two). Smile. Laugh.

Take a big ole deep breath and realize all the good things that you are surrounded with.

Thanks for the votes and the support.



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