Screen Print Dave will be turning out the new Snoloha gear as early as next week. Snoloha fleece (men’s & women’s) is at the embroiderer, and I had a great meeting yesterday for a new product that is a perfect reflection of the Snoloha lifestyle…but it isn’t clothing. I’m hoping to have it on the website in just another week or two.

Recently, I received a package that contained one of the very first Snoloha printed shirts from Spain. Just last week, I spoke with my licensee in Spain. They are continuing to grow and spread the Snoloha brand in southern Spain, and they have already begun focusing their efforts outside of Spain and have been in contact with reps to grow Snoloha in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

That’s it for now. Stand by as the website will reflect all the new products once they are in stock.



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