My buddy Seattle Dave sent me this:

“Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.” –Jimmy Buffett

How true, baby, how true!! Don’t let the furrowed brows of all the “crisis” we are peppered with leave their mark. I want those laugh lines, man!! I want my kids to have the smiling eyes of a fun life, filled with stuff that matters. Beach days and snow days and days spent with the people they love. Focus on the good things. Emphasize things that make us feel good! No matter how “bad” everything is, much, much more good happens every day.

This good stuff is Snoloha.

It is the perfect anecdote for all the bad news. It is the pure joys that happen all the time every single day. So recognize them! Appreciate them! Celebrate them! These fun, silly, unspoken little moments in life are what matters. From eating potato salad at your picnic table, watching kids soccer games, walking the dog, riding bikes and waves and chairlifts. Life is filled with reasons to be happy and to smile. So all the bad news can wait while you go have a beer on the deck and watch the late summer sun ride away.

It’s a good day.



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