I’ve been fortunate to have some sweet graphics designed recently by my good buddy, and Snoloha fan, Joe Gabry. Joe’s full-time gig is with Warrior Sports. Warrior is recognized as one of the sporting goods industry’s premier manufacturers of equipment, footwear and apparel for lacrosse and hockey.

The only problem with Joe is that he’s an Ohio State…uh, I mean “THE” Ohio State University grad. Luckily he’s a Tiger’s fan too, so that makes up for it (a little bit, anyway).

Joe’s been hard at work giving his website a new look and updating some of his work. Check it out at www.jgabry.com. If you’re in need of logo, graphic, or product design…or maybe you just need someone to talk to and to have a cold beer with, then contact Joe and tell him Rod sent you (it won’t get you far, but it’ll be funny).



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