When I decided to utilize a blog as part of this website, my goal was to use it as a way to communicate about Snoloha and everything that happens with this brand (good and bad). There’s been plenty of good, and a few disappointments shared. I describe the process of launching and growing this brand as a roller-coaster ride; lots of ups and downs.

The past couple months have been exceptionally interesting. So much so that I have taken a deep breath and big step back to look at the overall big picture.

What separates Snoloha from other brands is the melding of lifestyles, climates and activities into one word, one brand, one image. It’s not strictly surf or snow. It’s not strictly tropical or winter. It’s all of it. All rolled into one concept at the same time.

I realized a couple months back that I began losing a little focus on this concept. I started falling into the mindset of becoming “everything to everyone”. As a result designs started to reflect specific lifestyles rather than the melding. It’s easy to begin wandering down that path. It’s easy to want to grow this brand as fast as possible and to do it with trendy designs. I’m sure Joe (the talented dude behind many of these designs) was more than a bit irritated when I decided to pull a handful of designs and “refocus”.

The other factor that separates Snoloha from the others is the sheer connection and emotional tie that I have learned folks have with this brand. THIS, I have not lost sight of. This is what keeps the brand growing. This really has become “your brand”. And that is how I intend to continue the growth.

You’ll notice new designs and news directions in the coming months. You’ll notice an extremely focused approach to communicate with you and to build this brand organically.

As always, thanks for the continued support.

Here’s a new Joe design…




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