Yes, it’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog. Well, I’ve been rather busy. And I wanted to let the 50% Off Sale blog post run for a while. Plus, I’ll admit…I’ve been a slacker. Luckily Snoloha is a Slacker-Friendly company!

Let’s see…yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening marina hoppin’ in a dinghy with Capt. Rob. We started at Elmwood Marina, and cruised across the bay to Clinch Marina. On our way back to Harbor West Marina, we had to stop at the Apache Trout Grill Tiki Bar on the water. It’s always a good feeling to arrive at a location by boat. After enjoying a cold one, we headed to Harbor West, and unfortunately there is a tiki bar there as well, Scott’s Harbor Grill. So, we had to enjoy a cheeseburger and a beer. We finally made it back to Elmwood Marina just before sunset. it was gorgeous (check out the photo below). Ah…The Marina Life! I Love It!

Then today, just as I was getting ready to make some website updates, Capt Dave called to go for a sail. It was honkin’ out, so naturally sailing seemed appropriate. Plus Dave knows that I can’t say no to a “quick sail”.

But now, it’s back to work…until another boat invitation arrives anyway.



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