I’ve written several times about one of my favorite bands, The Boat Drunks. Well, one of their members, Mike Miller, has recently departed the band to do something many of us will only ever dream about, he’s going sailing! Heading through the Eastern Great Lakes, down the ICW and to the Bahamas for starters. “Then”, he says, “…we’ll see.”

He was also the guy who penned “Hollow Man”, on the disc “Wahine Man”. Not only did he write a brilliant song, but now he’ll be living it.

If you’d like to follow Mike’s travels, check out his “Next Verse” blog.

Safe travels Mike.

“I wanna take your boat as far as it goes, feel Jamaican sand between my toes
I wanna ride on the wind just as far as I can
I won’t be any trouble to haul- I can sleep anywhere at all
And I don’t eat very much for a hollow man “



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